Users may experience connection issues with Xero

After 10 hours and 59 minutes

No connection issues have been observed since our last update so we're closing this incident.

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After 8 hours and 25 minutes

Xero have posted an update advising error rates are dropping. We don't see any recent errors in our own logs so it appears as though integration services are recovering. We'll keep this incident open while we continue to monitor.

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After 1 hour and 9 minutes

Xero have indicated they expect full recovery to take a few hours (

Our metrics however, indicate that this is not a complete outage. While there is an increased level of failures, some users are still able to successfully sync or import new Xero organisations.

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Xero has identified degraded performance on their APIs, which may cause connection issues.

Monitor the Xero status page ( for more details.

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Affected components
  • Integration Services